Customer Testimonials

I missed two shots and then tried the Billiard Master. First shot, BOOM!! in the bottom corner pocket! Awesome Dude!"
Graham Matthew Scott, St Thomas, Canada

I was very skeptical when I received this as a gift, but boy was I surprised. After just a few days my game improved so much. I can actually now understand how to cut a ball in consistently. Before I used to pretty much guess, but I can see the angles better. My APA team mates are amazed at my progress.
Frank Mantos, Boston

If you are wondering if this [BAT] is for real then I would suggest you buy it and use it. The cost is low and it is in fact the most real thing you will ever find to learn how to AIM. This is so real that if you try it for a good month your game will change. After using if for a year I don’t use any other method and now I play 1000 percent better. Thanks for letting me know the geometric facts of Pool.
Mike Alexander, Jax

After using this for 2 weeks I went from a skill level 5 to a 7 and I haven’t lost a match yet!! I beat an 8 in 9-ball as a 6, 17-3. Well worth it. Thank you!!!
Emilio Molina , Ozone Billiards

Dont have one my self but used it when it first come out. Its EASY to use and understand. Much better I think than the Porper ball aimer.
Mel Erickson, Watertown SD

BAT is a well-designed product, practical and I'm starting to see good results in my game.
German Jimenez Payares, Columbia

I was having trouble visualizing a ghost ball and seeing the contact point-since using the Bat, it has become so easy especially with the 1/2 ball hit.
Marylin Somoano, USA

I just started using my Billiard Master today and LOVE it!! I was having such a hard time understanding the cut angles and I believe this is really going ot help me. I play almost everyday at a local billiards bar and if anyone asks me about my Billiard Master I would love to tell them all about it!"
Wendy Bartlett, North Port, FL, USA

I have been working with the 3 cut system for a few weeks since I discovered your website. It has solved all my aiming problems. The Bat should clear up some sighting problems also. Thanks!
Robert Minchin, North Riverside, IL

It is a lovely little tool made beautifully and is easy to understand. Using the BAT is improving my game and understanding of cut angles. I am VERY pleased with the BAT. When I get a bit more proficient I’ll take it down to our (Seniors) Saturday morning Snooker Club, and demonstrate my secret weapon.
Peter Smith, Australia

Hi Allison, “I’ve been working with the BAT and have found that it has really helped me to “see” the angle much better.
Rick, Allison Fisher Student

I got this for my wife to see how to do cut shots and at first it was kind of weird. The part where the object ball goes is to big so some of the shoot she did would miss. I found the instruction book more helpful. I practice the shoot like 100 times to see exactly how to make that kind of cut shoot around the table.

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